SUGAR and it's many names!

The biggest problem with refined sugar is that it is often hidden in processed foods under other names and consumers are unaware that they are actually eating as much sugar as they actually are. Unless you are eating a totally natural food diet, avoiding processed foods altogether, you are probably consuming more refined sugars than you realize. Sugar is added to most packaged foods even if they are not sweet. It is actually hard to see how much sugar is in a product by simply reading the ingredient list. This is because there are many names used for refined sugar and a number of different ones can be used in a single product. You therefore need to know the various names of the hidden sugars in processed foods so that you can be an informed consumer.

To make it easier to identify the sugars in packaged food products, here is a list of a hundred alternative names for hidden sugars:


Barley malt Demerara sugar Golden syrup Panocha
Beet sugar Dextran Grape sugar Raw sugar
Brown sugar Dextrose High-fructose corn syrup Refiner's syrup
Buttered syrup Diastatic malt Honey Rice syrup
Cane juice crystals Diatase Icing sugar Sorbitol
Cane sugar Ethyl maltol Invert sugar Sorghum syrup
Caramel Fructose Lactose Sucrose
Corn syrup Fruit juice Maltodextrin Sugar
Corn syrup solids Fruit juice concentrate Maltose Treacle
Confectioner's sugar Galactose Malt syrup Turbinado sugar
Carob syrup Glucose Maple syrup Yellow sugar
Castor sugar Glucose solids Molasses
Date sugar Golden sugar Muscovado sugar

Most of us like some sweet things. The best alternatives to sugar and high fructose corn syrup can be found in natural, whole fruits. If you need something sweet added to tea or to cook with, you might consider a little honey. Stevia is a very sweet natural herb that you need very little of to gain a sweet benefit. Stevia comes in different forms, liquid or powdered, flavored or plain (clear). To add the sweetness you desire, Click here

Avoid artificial sweeteners entirely. They are not safe. Aspartame (NutraSweet) should be particularly avoided as it is a neurotoxin and poses a grave health risk to human beings. Watch your sugar intake!