HCG versus Phase 2 Balancing Blend Drops


HCG tricks the system. It tricks every one's system in the same fashion, so, the variables that keep someone from losing weight go by the wayside while on the HCG. I wouldn't go back and change a thing about our participation in the HCG movement. The HCG movement got more people in touch with their bodies, and created awareness of how they treat their systems, than any other weight loss movement to date.

HOWEVER ... there is a down side to the HCG.

  1. People rarely come into the HCG program without deficiencies.
  2. If you did not take proper supplimentation during your HCG protocol, it can further deplete your system nutritionally
  3. HCG has become the next significant avenue for the Yo-Yo dieting scheme. ("Oh, I just started eating really poorly again ... so I need to do another round".) Could this be you?? This kind of statement means that you didn't get it the first, second, or third time ~ that your body needs you to change.  It's a brutal truth.  Phase 2 Balancing Blend helps you change your behavior by helping support your body's needs.

So what if I've already done HCG?

Use the new Phase 2 Balancing Blend as a maintenance (Phase 3) product. It works wonders for keeping you from going back to your old habits and regaining the weight. Remember to learn the new plan. It is different and even healthier for you!

Phase 2 Balancing Blend

Phase 2 Balancing Blend does not trick the system, it supports the system. This means that every one's "personal variables" regarding why they hold on to excess weight, comes back into play. We are no longer tricking their system into a state of famine.

With this new product we are actually supporting their system into a more balanced state so their body can utilize the energy it has stored as fat.

When looking to bring the next generation of weight reduction "plans and product" to the table, we needed to look at what it would take to allow the body to change quickly ~ so we could see results ~ yet be more supportive to the entire system so as not to leave the body in a state of disarray in the end. The only way to do this, without trickery, is to go back to the basics, but, be more supportive than ever before to the internal workings of the body’s delicate hormonal balance.

What does this balance look like?

  1. People NEED to supplement their dietary habits with good nutrition that enhances their endocrine system.
  2. People NEED to move their body everyday to support metabolism, enhance insulin receptivity, and reduce cortisol.
  3. People NEED to be learn what it feels like to change for good...not just 23 days.

If you want to focus just on weight reduction ... we have testimonials of people who have reduced just as quickly as on HCG, however, remember that the program is different!

However, if you follow Dr. Simeons’ protocol verbatim, you will not get the results you got on HCG.

This new protocol only works if you assist your own system by moving and eating more frequently. 

Phase 2 Balancing Blend can be taken to support the endocrine system.

Weight reduction is wonderful side effect with Phase 2 Balancing Blend.  But really, the other aspects are what make this product something that you will want to use regardless of where you are in your weight loss journey.

1) Reduced or eliminated menopausal symptoms
2) Deeper sleep ~ restorative sleep
3) Stress reduction due to Pituitary/Adrenal communication
4) Heightened Libido
5) Balancing of bowel irregularity by supporting the thyroid
6) Enhanced sense of well-being emotionally
7) Reduced or eliminated PMS symptoms