This isn't your old HCG Diet Plan.


Phase 2 Balancing Blend System is about supporting your body through healthy eating, movement and supplementation.  

Phase 2 Healthy Eating Plan   

     The Right Foods +

    The Right Supplements +

    The Right Timing for Eating +

    The Right Amount of Movement =

    The Right Plan...




Listening to our Bodies

 Our body speaks to us in 2 ways. 

       1) Through bodily symptoms and sensations

      2) Through thoughts and gut instincts

When weight reduction is our goal, we have to investigate what it is our body needs.  It has probably been telling us for many years (by using one of the two listed above),

  • what nutrition it needs ~ by way of different food cravings
  • what exercise it requires ~ by way of thoughts, (physical soreness and tightness)
  • what supplementation it needs ~ by way of physical symptoms  (aches/pains/depression/rashes/swelling/fevers/mucus/obesity)

The only way to get "Right" is to begin observing and listening to our body!

The most promising aspect of this new formula is that it can be taken daily as a supplement, or used specifically to assist the body as it balances its weight properties.  Because of its properties, it has the capacity to assist on many different levels ~ the endocrine system is so intricate, that when your body is stimulated in one area, the impact is far reaching.  

If you are interested in using the new Balancing Blend for a supplemental addition during weight reduction, consider using the product in combination with a Low Glycemic eating program like the protocol given here, on this website.  However, this product can be used with ANY program of your liking and will likely enhance your overall success.  

Are you listening?