"Proper Care and Feeding of Your Body"  

This is a discovery process for you and your body!
Remember ...
Your body needs nutrition
Quality nutrition on a regular basis
Your body needs movement
Some movement every day to stay limber and strong
Your body needs you to listen to:
its physical cues (aches, pains, fevers, pulse, etc)
its emotional cues (feelings, thoughts, intuitive notions, etc)

The scale will ALWAYS tell you what is working ... and what is not working.


Through the Active Weight Reduction Program,

 you have reduced the amount of inflammation in your body.  

 Phase 3 is like having a "clean slate" to determine those foods which appear to be inflammatory to you.  With this information, you can begin to adjust your regular diet to exclude those foods, and begin to search for alternatives.

    • This is a great time to get to know your body and what it is capable of digesting, assimilating, and eliminating without issues.
    • We are all different, and our chemistry is different, so we cannot possibly recommend a Phase 3 program that will work for everyone.


There are 2 very easy ways to determine what is inflammatory to your system moving forward.

  • Your bathroom scale 
    • When your scale goes up, it could be an indication that what you ate on the previous day was inflammatory to your system.  Inflammation =  retention of fluid by the body to counteract a potential allergen, or toxin.
  • Your resting pulse 
    • A more rapid pulse just after eating a food, a meal, or consuming a drink tells you that the food/fluid is inflammatory to your system.  

 Phase 3 Foods:

Continue eating the foods included on the Low Glycemic Program.  Add a wider variety of Fruits, Vegetables, Dairy, and Meats as long as you maintain your new weight set-point, and you follow the restrictions below.

    Eat with Caution    Do Not Eat
  Fruits   High Glycemic fruits: Bananas, melons, grapes           All dried and processed Fruits
  Vegetables   Artichokes, Okra, Peas, Pumpkin, Squash   Beets, Corn, Yams, Potatoes
  Dairy   All dairy: cheeses, milk, yogurt, sour cream   Yogurt with real or fake sugar 
  Nuts/Seeds             All nuts/seeds (except for coconut)       ---
  Beans (starchy)    Edamame              Pinto, Wax, Navy, Kidney, etc
  Oils   ---   ---

  Bacon, fatty cuts of Beef, Pork 

  •   Processed Lunch Meats, Brauts,
  •   Hot Dogs, Sausages, etc.