Re-Creating You!

Every program works ... on some level.  

The key is finding how a program works for YOU!  

That seems to be the missing component in every weight reduction program.  You and I are completely different in genetic make-up, different lifestyle choices, different environmental factors, different stressors, different conditioned responses.   So doesn't it make sense that we would both need a "specific-to-me" weight reduction plan?   

In order for results to be typical for us with any plan, we have to honor where we are at now, and shoot for subtle changes that ... over a period of time ... bring lasting success.  This requires a bit of introspection, but mostly observation of current habits, and current coping techniques we have acquired to live here ... amongst our fat cells.  Sad, but true.

 So, where do we begin?      Where do we begin?

With the realization that ...

We are fat because we eat addictive, inflammatory foods  (sometimes without realizing it!).

These addictive, chemical laden, inflammatory foods cause our brain chemistry to go haywire.  When that happens, we are "haywired"  for self destruction.  We crave even more of the foods that are causing us to remain fat.  The cure to releasing unhealthy fat storage is to change what we have been doing.  All we need to do is get busy looking at what brought us here, and then make subtle changes that are individual to us, which will prompt our body and brain chemistry to change for the better.  

We have a bad habit  ~  being stressed out and eating foods that create fat.  

What do we have to do to kick a habit?

Change! Change! Change! Change! Change!

It's time for a change.

Sorry ... it is the only way.  However, isn't change what we are all looking for?  We just haven't come across a plan that is personalized for us that will allow us to really grasp and accept the changes we need to make.  We just want to be thin and fit.  We want thin and fit to be our new habit!

Change is easier with Phase 2 Balancing Blend!