Cellular Memory can affect weight loss and the connection to Quantum Physics...

Wednesday March 16, 2022 comments

Skin tissue from Generals placed in a Petri dish and monitored with probes for pulse, heart rate, blood pressure and so on had the same reaction as the live host when shown war movies.

Our bodies regenerate new cells at various rates to different areas such as the skin, eyes, and so on. Quantum Physics states that our old cells pass information on to the new cells. Therefore, when trauma, emotional upset or loss has occurred this is permanently stored in the cells of the human body and continuously passed on if not released.

Therefore, if you’re fat and this fat is due to emotional unresolved issues this means that all the trillions of fat cells throughout the body will pass this information onto the new cells as they are regenerated although you may be shedding pounds at the time. If a person does not clear the emotional baggage on a cellular level then the ‘TRIGGERS’ that got you there in the first place will assist you in sabotaging your progress.

Just watch “The Biggest Loser”, on television. One continuous theme through each and every season is that there is a lot of emotional baggage under all that excess weight and the contestants need to let go of all the ‘OLD STUFF’ to continue on their journey. All that trauma and emotional upset is not aligned with their new purpose and it will only interfere with their success if left unattended or ‘STUFFED DOWN’. Oh, it may work for a while but it will not be long lasting or permanent.

The ‘EMOTIONAL BAGGAGE’ can range from rape as a child, death of a parent or you simply felt inferior to your sibling growing up. Yet there is no doubt that there is usually a host of issues that underlie being overweight and obese. As they learn more and more about the issues of obesity and weight loss the doctors and coaches alike are discovering that if a person does not dig deep to clear whatever is holding them back on an emotional level then the odds of reaching the ultimate goal or maintaining a lasting success is slim.

So the bottom line is you will want to take a look at letting go of the ghosts in your closet. I’m not saying it will be easy but it is well worth the effort. It gives a person the opportunity to take responsibility for their health and well-being. Forgive others and forgive yourself for the big and small things. Also, be kind and gentle with yourself. Most important of all learn to love yourself unconditionally. This one is an absolute must. So many women out there, and men, want deep love and intimacy in their lives. We have to love ourselves unconditionally first before we will attract in another person who will be able to love us on that level.

Emotional healing on a very deep level I have learned gives a person more choices in life than they had prior to releasing their issues. You’ll have more tools in your toolbox so to speak.

Releasing weight gives you the opportunity to release emotional trauma and releasing emotional trauma gives you the opportunity to release weight. It’s a ‘WIN-WIN SITUATION’. So let go of that resistance and give it all you’ve got. I am relishing in the knowing that I get to ‘RE-INVENT MYSELF’ and I am ‘ENJOYING THE JOURNEY'