It requires research...

We have done some of it for you!   There are so many things to learn about the human body and we have some of our favorite "human body things" for you to see.  We encourage you to look at the information we have for you here, but don't stop there!  Your goal should be to find supplements to assist with your current health status, ways you can actively increase your sense of well-being, and information on any other health-related subject that pertains to your current state of health.  By doing so, you will be actively taking part in your own change.  

This is most empowering gift we can offer:

The encouragement to seek out ... and find ... the new you!


These lifestyle changes are:


 Lifestyle Change

 Action in body

 Result in system

  Higher pH water   

  Balances acidic toxins

  so body can flush out waste   

  Allows body to fight off infection

  more efficiently, and burn fat for fuel

  more efficient

  Lower Glycemic Foods

  Reduces insulin production in body

  Cells = Higher insulin receptivity

  Lower insulin in the body means less

  inflammation, which leads to 

  less fat storage in the body

  Muscle movement           

  Builds muscle fibers

  Creates calories burn   

  Creates lymphatic movement

  Leads to better use of fat stores

  in the body.  Lymphatic movement

  leads to more efficient removal of

  unwanted toxins in body          

  Deep Breathing   Brings more oxygen in to the cells

  Illness cannot survive in an oxygen rich


  Oxygen creates more energy within

  the cells

  Better Attitude   Reduces stress, better sleep

  Allows organs, glands and systems to 

  communicate more effectively and allows

  the body to dissipate the toxic affects of

  constant worry, emotional pain, sadness 

Small changes in these areas can enhance the quality of life for anyone.  


Research, education, commitment = Change now and forever!