Begin Today

Get prepared:

If you do not already have a weight reduction program that you are currently using, you can use the Active Weight Reduction program here on Results ARE Typical. You will need to look at the menu and sample recipes to purchase food items for meals and snacks. It is very important that you prepare in advance. In times of stress, or unpreparedness it is too easy to grab the closest food item (most times the wrong food item) to get that quick fix for hunger.

During Active Weight Reduction it is important to focus on the Allowed Foods. The Allowed Foods are anti-inflammatory and low glycemic. This combination is unbeatable for getting the body to release unwanted toxins. Toxins that are stored in our fat cells!

Reduced inflammation and toxins = deflated fat cells = wearing a smaller size!

Low glycemic, anti-inflammatory foods eaten in combination with a product that supports the system and provides appetite suppression equals success.

Choose your form of exercise:

Moving your body is part of your lifestyle change that is needed. Exercise is the key to producing feel good hormones, increasing oxygen within the cells (higher metabolic rate and faster immune response), and raising the level of muscle fibers for fat burning that continues 24/7.

Moving your body more than you are used too, is required not only for this program, but forever! Exercise is essential.

Items you will need:

Bathroom scale that weighs in .2 increments


  • Smooth Move Tea, Dr. Miller's Holy Tea, or Magnesium Citrate for those who are prone to constipation
  • Stevia as a sugar substitute (our favorite is Nu-Naturals Vanilla or Kal brand 100% stevia) Click here
  • Whole Food Concentrate Multi Vitamin Mineral supplement
  • Additional supplements: B-Complex, Milk Thistle, Potassium and/or other
  • Purchase allowed foods for the Active Weight Reduction Plan

Because every person entering this program has some degree of nutritional deficiency, it is recommended that you begin a supplemental regimen of the following:

Recommended Daily Supplements:    


Whole Food Concentrate Vitamin/Mineral         Nature's Plus - Source of Life Vitamin/Mineral 
B-Complex Vitamin: Any B-Complex will do, they are your answer to stress!
Extra Mineral supplement:               LiteLife Solutions Minerals and CALM (magnesium)
Liver Support Milk Thistle extract is a gentle herb for the liver 
CHIA Seeds Omega 3 support
Personal Daily Supplements Calcium, Vit D3, Glucosamine, Vit C, etc.
Elimination: Sluggish Bowels Natural Vitality's CALM - Magnesium, Smooth Move tea
Intestinal health - for absorption L-Glutamine, Probiotic
Natural Thyroid Support (if needed) Kelp, iodine, magnesium