Some individuals are not active and the word exercise makes them cringe!
Most of time, this lack of motivation to move the body comes from:




Our Diet (which is loaded with addictive chemicals that decrease our capacity feel life and live it fully)

Our Body's Gut Health (the ability to absorb nutrients)

As we clean up our diet, our digestion will become more efficient and we will absorb all the nutrition needed to produce neurotransmitters that gently nudge us into becoming more active ~ naturally. And, as we begin to move our body more, we will set the stage to allow our system do detoxify all the chemical residue that resides in our cells. This is the perfect combination for weight reduction!

While this cleansing is happening, we need to be forming a new habit to move ... more.

If we are ever going to enjoy exercise, even in smallest amount, we have to form a habit of moving our body everyday. We don't even have to call it exercise!! We can just call it moving around ... MORE!

Moving our body helps to inflate our muscles, which will ultimately force our body to burn more calories each day. More muscle = higher metabolism = more calorie burn. And it doesn't take much! For those who don't care to go to the gym, get out on the road and run or jog, or participate in cardiovascular activities, resistance training (lifting weights) gives the most bang for the buck. When we lift weights (soup cans, rubber tubing, or hand-held weights) we increase our muscle tone and our body burns more calories not only during the actual exercise, but even after we stop!


 Resistance training also helps to change our shape. It tightens and tones our body! And, we don't have to work out for hours upon hours for this benefit. Just 30 mins each day (less if just beginning) is all it takes. Even if the workout is broken up into 10 minute segments of exercise throughout the day, it will create the same affect.





Every morning upon rising:

Stretch ~ stand on your tip toes, arms above the head trying to touch the ceiling. Stretch for 15 seconds.
Push-ups ~ beside your bed on the floor, or kneeling by your bed with your hands on the mattress. Do 15.
Sit-ups ~ beside your bed on the floor. Do 25, working up to 50. Support your back and neck if needed

While brushing your teeth: Do calf raises and deep knee bends the entire time you are brushing.

Make time during the day:

Park farther from the door
Take the stairs
Walk for 15 mins or more at lunch
Do bicep curls with hand weights while on the phone
Take dance lessons
Get a mini-trampoline (Cellerciser is our pick and is the best cellular exercise we can do!)
Dust off your personal exercise equipment ~ engage for just 5 mins to start ~ more if you can!

Before Bed:
Do more push-ups, leg squats, sit -ups, etc.
Have sex (stress reliever and cardiovascular exercise)
If you begin to move more throughout the day, you'll find that your body will begin to remind you to do it more frequently. This is why the "runners high" becomes so addicting for those who like to run. Their cells begin asking for exercise and their body initiates impulses to the brain to make them THINK of running. This is the wonderful thing about our bodies! It tells us what it needs ~ we just need to listen, and form new habits that encourage it to better communicate with us through thought and feeling.