Is it safe to take the Balancing Blend drops every day even if I don't need to lose weight?

Yes.  This formula is extremely safe to take as a daily supplement.  There are elements within the drops that can affect the way in which the body's endocrine system communicates. Our hormones are the communication system within the body, and, any assistance we can give our endocrine system to help it  function with a higher degree of efficiency ~ is good!   There is an appetite suppressing quality to the Balancing Blend, so if weight reduction is not being sought, extra effort may be needed to make sure caloric levels are being met each day.


Will I achieve the same results as when I was on the HCG program?

The HCG tricks the system into a famine-like response.  When we trick the body, every persons "variables" are removed from the playing field.  Now that we are not "tricking" by supporting the endocrine system, everyone's variables are back in play.  That means we must pay closer attention to our body's needs if we wish it to burn more fat.  There might be a lingering idea that HCG is the only thing that has worked.  Yes, it worked well, however it left us all in a bit more depleted state.  So, how about supporting the body while burning fat?  That is a much better plan for the long run.  It may mean that some people will lose at a slower pace compared to the HCG, however the added benefits of a more balanced endocrine/hormonal system is much more enticing.


What is the new protocol for the new drops?

The beauty of the new formula is that you can take it in conjunction with any weight loss program you are currently using, or that your body seems to do well with.  The one thing that most programs are missing is the continuous stimulation of the endocrine glands.  When the hypothalamus, pituitary and thyroid are stimulated as we reduce calories, they are encouraged to rev up the levels of metabolic activity and keep them elevated.   


Are there any "Rules" I should follow when taking the Balancing Blend?

If the goal is weight reduction, then yes.  Rule number one is move your body more than you are now.  Exercise increases the ATP and mitachondrial activity and this is important for our metabolic rate.  The second rule is to eat at the first sign of hunger in the day ~ protein is a must.  And, thirdly, stop eating at least 3 hours before bed. These three "rules" can make a huge difference in how quickly your body burns fat.