Finding our own unique balance ~


Every person has DIFFERENT nutritional needs, hydration levels and activity requirements.  

 No wonder we get so confused when reading all the health books and fitness magazines!

For the most part, the writers of these books and articles do not take into account that each one of us has a system that has been broken down in some way. What is missing in their thought process, is that we have underlying issues that will not allow their particular program to work for us.  All of us come into a new program with some type of deficiency.  

We all have a nutritional history ~ 

  • Some of us have had eating patterns, that have completely thrown our brain chemistry for a loop.  
  • Some of us have lifestyles that prohibit us from consistently making the proper food choices, and we suffer from malnutrition on some level.  
  • Most of us have allergies to foods or food substances and we don't even know it!  
  • Most of us are intolerant to gluten when it is not broken down into a usable state of protein for human consumption.  
  • Most of us are lacking in minerals, which allow every metabolic action in our cells to function properly.  
How have we damaged our body's ability to achieve balance?
The only way to support our body is to give it the tools it needs to revitalize, reshape, release, and rebound from the damage we have done to it.

If our goal is to change the state of our health, we need to look at the areas in our current lifestyle that are promoting ill-health:
  • Are we eating more than 20% processed  ~ canned, poorly processed and packaged, fast-food, restaurant food?
  • Are we being bombarded by EMF's (electro-magnetic frequencies) throughout our day ~ cell phones, computers, WiFi signals, high voltage power lines, artificial lighting?
  • Are we exposing our skin to toxic chemicals ~ lotions, shampoos/conditioners, perfumes, colognes, harmful deodorants, detergents, chlorinated water? 
  • Are we engaging in toxic, emotionally and spiritually draining relationships ~ family, friends, community, workplace, social networking?
  • Are we drinking highly acidic water ~ chlorinated, municipal chemically treated water, bottled water?
  • Are we ingesting excitotoxins that harm the health and vitality of our brain chemistry ~ food dyes, MSG, Aspartame, Nutra Sweet, Splenda, and other harmful seasonings and sweeteners?
Once we have examined all of these areas, we will begin to see that we have habits that literally keep us stuck within the framework we call life ~ unhealthy life.
We must "wake up" and begin to pay attention to all the ways in which we undermine
the health and vitality of our body!

When looking to acheive health and wellness in an environment that is keeping us toxic and out of balance, we must accept the fact that changes are necessary. 

Seek Truth - Find Balance

Personal Checklist:

  1. What food type best represents 80% of my daily intake? 
    • Processed, packaged, fast food, restaurant 
    • Foods that contain flavorings (MSG, Sugar, Spenda, Nutra Sweet, High Fructose Corn Syrup)
    • Better Option:  Homemade raw and lightly cooked naturally seasoned food
  2. What water source best represents my daily intake?
    • Bottled water from municipal source
    • Municipal tap water
    • Filtered water (Reverse Osmosis, Distillation, carbon filtration)
    • Better Option: Ionized, higher pH filtered
  3. What environmental EMF's am I exposed to on a daily basis?
    • Cell phone transmission
    • High Voltage power lines near home or office
    • Digital technology: computers, television, electronic devices
    • WiFi transmission (non hard wired electronic devices)
    • Florescent lighting
    • Radiation
    • Better Option:  EMF defusers, sunlight and outdoor activities
    • Better Option:  Magnet therapy, laser therapy
  4. What types of relationships am I exposed to on a daily basis?
    • Toxic, negatively driven people
      • Family
      • Co-workers
      • Friends
      • Community (church, social media, group events)
    • Work environment that attracts chaos
      • High stress 
      • Expectations too high to meet
      • "Never good enough" feeling 
    • Better Option:  Positive, creative, encouraging and spiritually enlightened people
    • Better Option:  I make personal time daily for - meditation, prayer, hobby
  5. What type of nutritional supplementation do I take daily?
    • None (I get what I need from food)
    • Random supplements based on specific conditions
    • Better Option:  Quality Minerals, Vitamins, Amino Acids, and Essential Fatty Acids
  6. What are my consistent sleeping patterns?
    • I sleep very little
    • I have insomnia
    • I am wakeful during the night
    • Better Option:  I make sure I get 7 to 8 hours of sleep