Reasons for Hunger, or Stalls!

Reasons for Hunger, or Stalls!

When we are heavier, our body has the ability to "choose" which fat cells will be metabolized with the least negative affect on the system. If the circulatory and nervous systems of the body are taxed, the body will innately choose fat cells that contain less harmful toxins to be metabolized. When we are heavy, this task must be pretty easy. However, since our bodies are in survival mode all the time, asking the body to move into deeper levels of toxic fat before it is ready, will cause the system to halt the release of stored fat, in an effort to protect the body.

As the body digs into fat stores that have been a storage for the body's toxins, the fat cells might possibly contain metals, pesticides, preservatives, chemicals, dental materials, vaccination residue, synthetic drug residue . . . not to mention any causitory elements like yeast, mold/fungus, virus, parasites, and bacteria.

The body is so good at "hiding" unwanted elements in the fat cells when it does not have the resources or the ability to move it from the system. And, to maintain a survivable level of pH in the interstitial fluid, the body will retain water (even from the intestinal tract) to buffer the cells against the acid produced from the fat soluble toxins. So, here is a kindergarten analogy:
  • We come into any weight reduction program already in a deficient state. (plain and simple, we are all somewhat acidic, toxic, and depleted)
  • We ask the body to burn stored fat for fuel. (plain and simple, our fat is toxic and acidic - although, this fat does also contain nutrients as well)
  • Since our body has to keep within a safe level of pH, the release of acidic elements during the diet could force our body to use up more of it's important vitamin and mineral reserves in order to balance and neutralize the acidity.
  • When B-Vitamin and Trace Mineral reserves become depleted in the body, the adrenal glands begin to feel the stress, and then kick into their survival mode.
  • Adrenals, when stressed, make the body CRAVE simple carbohydrates in order to get quick and easily assimilated foods into the system. Adrenals play a large role in the body's ability to balance blood sugar. Think about it . . . an athlete coming off the field will never crave a steak and broccoli . . . they crave hydrating sugar/sport drinks, or simple carbos to load up their system again. Remember, this depletion is not about health, but about the actual "survival" of the stressed organism (body).

  • So, when the body becomes stressed (mentally, physically, and nutritionally) it creates an overly acidic condition. The body responds with the use of minerals and vitamins to neutralize the acid. The vitamin and mineral usage causes a depletion which stresses the adrenals and thyroid, and the result can lead to uncharacteristic cravings for sugar and carbohydrates out of the blue!
  • It is important to alkalize our body (green drinks, alkalized water, mineral supplements, etc) so it doesn't have to use it's mineral stores to create balance. If we are already doing our best to introduce alkalizing elements, then our mineral reserves won't get used up and we have a better chance of staying in appetite suppression during Phase 2 of the diet.
  • A depleted thyroid can play a part in appetite. There are elements in the Balancing Blend product that can be supportive, however, some individuals would do well to seek out a natural thyroid supplement. If a participant is currently taking thyroid medication, they should seek the advice of their physician to determine the correct dosage of their medication during this time. There are many good thyroid supplements to choose from. Find a naturopath near you, or go to your local health food store and inquire. Our thyroid gland is responsible for so many important physical and emotional functions in the body and mind. If ravishing hunger persists, seek out a supplement to assist you! All forms of Kelp have iodine which can bring the thyroid back into balance.
  • Yeast, can play a role in cravings as well. This program is just like being on a yeast cleanse. We are eliminating sugars and starches, which feed yeast. As the food supply for the yeast begins to dwindle, the cravings for simple sugars and starches increases. If we can resist the temptation, there will be a yeast kill-off, and the cravings will subside. Yeast can be a "hunger culprit" as the body begins to burn fat cells that contain toxins. If yeast, mold or fungus have been an issue in the past, the body would be well served by adding in Acidophilus or Pro-Biotics during this time.
How do I resolve this issue?  
We need to start looking at the body as being really smart! If the body is lacking in a certain nutrient, it will begin to search the system for alternatives. The only problem with this, is that eventually ~ other systems, organs, glands become depleted as well.
  • We have not been taught to supplement our daily intake of food with extra nutrition. But think on this: it takes 26 apples today, to equate the same nutritive quality of 1 apple from 1915. It takes 23 peaches today to equate the same nutritive quality of 1 peach from 1950! This is disturbing to say the least! Is it a wonder why we are all more hungry most of the time? The nutrients our bodies are craving cannot be attained from just a single serving anymore. It takes much more food to overcome the deficiencies we face today.It is highly recommended that individuals get on a good B-Complex and a good trace mineral support while in Active Weight Reduction. This will help the body recover at a faster rate, and supply the body with good foundational nutrition during this period of rapid change. These nutrients would be helpful in Maintenance and continued into everyday life as well. Our toxic nation is only going to continue to deplete our bodies, our systems, organs and glands.

So, supplement!! Find a good quality "food state" vitamin and take it EVERY DAY!

Find a good Trace Mineral supplement and take it EVERY DAY!

Find a good B-Complex vitamin and take it EVERY DAY!

Research higher pH water sources and drink ample 7.0 or higher, filtered water EVERY DAY!!


How can I break a stall? (one of these should do the trick!)

  • Do an Apple Day: Eat 4 to 6 apples throughout the day.  This gives the liver a break and helps it metabolize fat.  
  • Eat a large breakfast and a smaller lunch ~ be done eating at 2pm and drink only water and tea until breakfast the next morning.  
  • Do a Steak Day in which you fast all day and eat a piece of lean meat (as much as you want) and an apple or tomato for an early dinner.  Continue with water consumption throughout the day.