Supplements that are helpful and recommended for everyone:

Recommended Daily Supplements:    


Whole Food Concentrate Vitamin/Mineral         Nature's Plus - Source of Life Vitamin/Mineral 
B-Complex Vitamin: Any B-Complex will do, they are your answer to stress!
Extra Mineral supplement:               LiteLife Solutions Minerals and CALM with Calcium
Liver Support Milk Thistle extract is a gentle herb for the liver 
CHIA Seeds Omega 3 support
Personal Daily Supplements Continue taking now, and in the future!   
Elimination: Sluggish Bowels Natural Vitality's CALM - Magnesium, Smooth Move tea
Intestinal health - for absorption/control yeast L-Glutamine, Probiotic (Culturelle)
Natural Thyroid Support (if needed) Kelp, iodine, magnesium

We highly recommend that you seek the advice of your primary care physician and be monitored throughout any weight reduction program for any medication changes you may require during the protocol. Please continue to take all of your medications and consult your physician frequently.

This eating plan is very anti-inflammatory, and therefore, the systems of the body begin to react and respond differently than they have in the past. Once the inflammation within the system is deminished, the body can repair imbalances an "right the wrongs" from the choice of lifestyle we had previously been partaking in!

The anti-inflammatory aspects of this diet could ultimately be reason for any lowering of blood pressure, lowering of cholesterol, calming of any digestive issues, balancing of blood sugar, etc.  Because of this, it is important to monitor your body with much more intensity than usual.

Blood Sugar:
If blood sugar is an issue, for instance, participants should check their blood sugar more frequently during the day. Because the pancreas is an organ that is influenced greatly by the endocrine system, the body's blood sugar could normalize from the cleanliness of the eating progam. Check your blood sugar more often than normal and if on medication, consult your primary care physician to recheck medication doses.

Blood Pressure:
The same is true for high blood pressure. Participants should be checking their blood pressure much more frequently, and speak with their doctor if they feel they need to begin to reduce their dose. With the elimination of extra inflammation, the body will have to create more blood volume to compensate. This can cause some slight dizziness until the body normalizes. Hydration will be a key element during this time, and checking blood pressure more often will help the individual determine if they are now OVER-medicated.

Thyroid Medications and Anti-Depressants:
In terms of anti-depressants, there most likely will be a change. Once the hypothalamus begins to communicate more effectively within the body, the thyroid most likely will be affected. It is important to monitor your feelings, emotions, and thyroid systems more closely during any dietary program. Seek the advice of your primary care physician if you feel that your thyroid medication or anti-depressant medication is askew. Most individuals find that their sense of well-being is much better during and after the program. The dramatic results people see on this program seems to instill a new sense of hope in their lives. This change alone can influence the production of "feel good" neurotransmitters!
Please consult your physician regularily with all medication questions.

We have witnessed people's lives be transformed through this program! Our best advice for you is to be diligent in listening to your body. Most individuals whom are currently taking different medications feel trapped within the system and unable to see a way to remove themselves from the grip of what seems to be a lifelong path to more medication. This program can, and we have seen it happen, change how the body responds to stimuli.  This cleaning out of the "junk" we have forced our bodies become accustomed to, is the true healing part of this program. Weight loss is just a perk that comes along with it!