What is Phase 2 Balancing Blend?

Phase 2 Balancing Blend Drops

Phase 2 Balancing Blend is a unique blend of homeopathic elements, minerals, herbs, and flower essences.  


Phase 2 Balancing Blend Drops are the next progression in the HCG weight loss world.  It is a safe alternative to HCG drops.

Phase 2 Balancing Blend Drops allow the Endocrine system to finally take a front seat through glandular support!!  "This is the kind of balancing we have needed all along."

Phase 2 Balancing Blend Drops are a revolutionary homeopathic blend containing herbal appetite suppressants and glandular support to help balance your system when combined with the Phase 2 Metabolic Reset protocol.


Glandular Support

The four glands supported by the Phase 2 Balancing Blend Drops are:

  • Pituitary
  • Adrenal
  • Thyroid
  • Hypothalamus

These glandular support ingredients together with the herbal appetite suppressants, support healthy metabolic management by reducing the appetite and supporting your metabolism and mood.


A weight loss program where..."Results ARE Typical"Weight Loss Results

You are about to embark on a wonderful journey that will make you smile and jump for joy!

We've struggled...   You've struggled...

It's time to conquer our weight issues once and for all!

The Phase 2 Balancing Blend program is real.  Phase 2 works.

We don't believe in empty promises, smooth talk, or slick advertising.

We don't exaggerate claims of success...  We don't need to.  We have proven results that are typical in the majority of individuals who follow the plan.

Phase 2 Balancing Blend Label