Balancing Blend w/Activator (1) Bottle-1180

Balancing Blend w/Activator (1) Bottle-1180

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Balancing Blend drops combined with the NEW Phase 2 Activator for added benefit similar to that of HCG. It is the hormone free alternative to HCG that works like no other!

When the Activator Pellet is added to the bottle, it energetically mimics the presence of HCG.  Use the entire bottle (approx. 20 days).

The body will energetically respond with faster reduction in a balanced fashion when combined with the appropriate dietary and lifestyle program.

Add the Homeopathic Calcarea Pellet to a bottle of Balancing Blend and follow the appropriate protocol.

Calcarea Carbonica is a homeopathic remedy that has been used for many things including the that of obesity.
We have found that when combined with our Balancing Blend drops it has a powerful affect on the entire system to balance energies that have been stagnant.  
The combination truly mimics the HCG response!